Adoption procedure

Thank you for considering adopting one of our dogs!

Our commitment is to find the most suitable homes for our rescued dogs, where they will live happily, being loved and taken care of. Adoption is a free and straightforward process and Howl Of A Dog does not charge any adoption fee.

All of the dogs offered for adoption are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered/spayed* and have up-to-date medical records. *Sterilization exceptions: medical cases and age restrictions.

Our dogs can also be offered for adoption abroad if no suitable adoptive family is found in Romania. The adopter can personally pick up the dog from our location or it can be sent with any authorized pet travel agency/company (either by road or by plane) but in this case the adopter is responsible for the transportation costs charged by the pet travel agency/company. Animal safety is our first concern so if the adopter prefers the dog to be sent with a certain travel company we would have to check first their references and make sure that their animal welfare policy guaranties a safe travel with no risks for the animal.

We take care of all the documents, veterinary authorizations and other arrangements needed for the travel.

Adoption requests can be sent via email, on and will be answered shortly. Please don’t forget to specify the name of the dog you apply for and all the details you consider relevant about you as an applicant for that particular dog.

We focus on making a good match between pets and owners, not simply making an adoption, and this sometimes means denying an adoption if we have any doubts about the matching between pet and adopter.