How you can help


We rely solely on donations to continue our mission to rescue, care and re-home dogs, to reduce dog overpopulation by supporting free neuter/spay programs and to build a more compassionate and responsible society.
Your donation, whatever sum you choose to give, will help us save more animals from suffering and offer them the love and care they need. Your contribution will also help us cover veterinary costs and medical treatments and provide dogs adequate nutrition.
No sum is too small and can really make a difference for an animal in need.



Not ready for the commitment of adoption? Or maybe you already have a dog but still want to help another one? Sponsorship could be for you!
You can make a difference in a dog’s life by sponsoring him for any period of time you want or until he finds a permanent home.

You can either sponsor his monthly food or yearly medical care.

FOOD SPONSOR. For a monthly donation of 20 Euros you will become a food sponsor for the particular dog you choose and cover thus the adequate nutrition for him/her for a month.

HEALTH SPONSOR. For a yearly donation of 70 Euros you will become a health sponsor for the particular dog you choose and cover the basic medical care the dog needs throughout the year: regular vaccinations, flea prevention and de-worming.

*Please don’t forget to specify also the name of the dog you are donating for (for example “Food Sponsor for Louie”).



You can donate items your dog no longer needs or got bored with: old toys, collars, harnesses, leashes, clothes, food bowls, old dog beds/baskets, crates or other practical goods.
Instead of just throwing these objects away, please consider donating them and you will make some dogs happy.
To get the items to our rescued dogs, please contact us on


Sharing our videos/photos on social media pages is an easy way to help advertise dogs that are in need of a home. Simply sharing the profiles of our adoptable animals to your followers takes hardly any time or effort yet could play a huge part in creating the perfect match for an animal in need of a forever family.

Thank you!