Howl Of A Dog organization has started a basic animal welfare education program, offering free neutering/spaying, microchipping and vaccinations for dogs whose owners cannot afford the costs of these procedures. Life in some rural regions from Romania is hard both … Continue reading

With our car stuffed with dog food and treats, we drove 200 km to spend the Easter with the dogs from one of the country’s public pounds. More than 100 dogs forgotten there for so long, most of them imprisoned for life, behind the metal bars. We’ve been told that some of them have been there for 7 years already and nobody has ever been interested in adopting them. Once a stray dog is caught and thrown into a public pound he practically becomes inexistent. Except for the shelter’s staff, they rarely see other human beings. Continue reading

Stray cats are everywhere in Romania; the people who abandon, neglect or simply ignore cats are much more numerous than the ones who rescue, care or adopt them. So it’s really heart-warming to meet someone committed to rescuing animals and offering them a better life.
We’re happy that we had the chance to meet such a person – a gentleman who helps stray animals and who rescued and adopted 7 cats and a dog – and that we were able to help him and to offer him a gift consisting of cat and dog food, for his rescues. Continue reading