Happy stories

Here are some happy stories of our rescued dogs who have found wonderful adoptive families all over the world. You can find more on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.
Thank you all for your support, for sharing our rescue videos and for helping us find such lovely forever homes!

Julia and her siblings were found abandoned on side of a busy road. They were rescued by Howl Of A Dog and, a few months later, Julia was adopted by a…. Continue reading

Vlad was rescued form a roadside. He was emaciated and had a fractured leg, most likely hit by a passing car… Continue reading

Archie was found wandering the streets with a chain embedded in his neck. He had probably been chained when he was just a little puppy and, as he grew up, the chain remained embedded, strangling him and causing a deep, life-threatening wound… Continue reading

Bobi was found roaming near a railroad station in Romania. He was rescued by Howl Of A Dog organization and, a few months later, his story took the happiest turn being adopted by a loving family from Delaware, United States. … Continue reading

Spike was found abandoned on side of a road and rescued by Howl Of A Dog organization. He was adopted by a loving family from the Netherlands and he lives now in a charming small village in the Friesland province, … Continue reading

Arkin was saved by Howl Of A Dog from a public pound where he was found underweight, with scars and wounds on his body and suffering from a terrible flea infestation. He made a beautiful recovery and not only did he healed physically, but his kind and friendly personality started to shine through as well… Continue reading

Dora was rescued by Howl Of A Dog from a public pound from Romania. She was traumatized, underweight and had skin problems: Receiving adequate care, Dora made a beautiful recovery and eventually managed to find a loving forever home in … Continue reading

Charlie is a senior dog who spent more than two years confined to a small cage at a city pound in Romania, deprived of proper medical care. He has been only a statistic his whole life, no name, just a number printed on his ear tag… Continue reading

Bernie and his siblings were found abandoned in a bag, near a countryside road. Now Bernie has his own loving family: after a 1200-mile journey across Europe, he arrived safely at his adoptive home in England and has adjusted well … Continue reading

Buddy (now Roman) was a homeless dog living a hard life on the streets. He was sleeping under cars, relying for survival on the occasional treats offered by kind passersby. The medical investigations revealed the presence of a tumor on his spleen and emergency surgery was performed. Sadly, Roman was diagnosed with incipient lymphoma Continue reading

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